Leading Your Horse Part 2

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In my first post about leading your horse, I discussed getting your horse to softly go with you. We don’t want our horses, dragging behind us or pulling ahead. By teaching our horses to go with us, loading in a trailer is made easier.

1. Soften your horse…side to side, crossing over deeply behind and have them leading off softly.

2. Having your horse soft and looking for your direction (from your lead hand) your horse will follow that feel anywhere…right into a trailer!

Now that your horse knows where the end of the lead rope is, he is easier to tie up.

lead your horse

This 2 year old stands quietly tied in lots of commotion.

Referring back to previous articles, refresh yourself on the ground work we introduced. It all “ties” into teaching your horse where the end of the lead rope is. In other words, when a horse, any horse, respects and gives to the pressure on his halter and has been educated to give to that pressure, he will tie well, lead well and generally be nice to load.

leading your horse

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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