Leading Your Horse Series; Part 1

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Leading: How to get our horses to go with us while being lead, instead of dragging behind or pulling ahead. It is all in their feet! Okay, so what does that mean? When a horse refuses to lead off lightly, their feet are stuck. If a horse pulls on us and drags behind, it is in their feet. Their feet are sticky and moving with resistance.

We have discussed FINDING A FEEL in our horse’s face with a halter and lead, and I will go right back to that. Having a horse give left to right is the start. This is done by starting out lightly, with the exact feel you want to end up with or the exact amount of bump that you desire your horse to give back to. I like them softening to me while taking the slack out of the lead rope. Standing beside my horse, I want them to quietly and smoothly turn their head to my slight pull on their lead rope. Having them soft in both directions is the start.


Square Eyes


Now step to their flank and ask them to step over deeply with their inside hind foot several times. leadingWhen they step over behind, lightly and thoughtfully move on to the next step. Just step beside your horse, flex their head to the side, let them straighten, then lightly lead them off one stride. They should lead off with the inside front foot moving first. Take it slow, watch for them to rock their weight readying themselves for movement. We are teaching them to FEEL BACK to us or look for a feel to follow, and yep, to move their feet to that feel!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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