Lateral Flexions and Simple Manuvers

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Today I quickly go over some basic flexions on my horse, Merl, for his first ride in the hackamore. The goal of these flexions is to gain more and more willing control of the horse’s body. While doing so you are actually also helping the horse maintain suppleness, and lengthening and shortening his muscles, therefore building top line and musculature development. Let’s be honest I haven’t met too many people apposed to a horses look when they are balanced and in proper conditioning.
lateral flexions
Working on these flexions will start progressively, begin them at the halt, next the slow walk, the fast walk, the slow trot, and then the extended trot. As you increase speed the horse will need more understanding and agility so remember to keep that in mind.
Try and really feel down your reins all the way to the feet. Feel the whole body through your seat and try and smooth it out and make it pretty. It’s ok and it’s normal if the horse struggles a little when you start. These maneuvers take some practice and composure, but make sure you are leaving the horse feeling like a winner with some understanding. If the horse struggles for an extended period make sure to give bigger breaks, allow the horse to understand that you care about their wellbeing and peace of mind. Good luck and I really hope everyone gives these a go. A little body control goes a long ways, especially outside the arena.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Video

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