Guest Instagram Photographer, Laine Smith

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We have some beautiful photographs to share with you this week from our guest photographer, Laine Smith. Visit our Instagram page @cavvysavvy to view more from Laine Smith @memorylainephotography.

Laine Smith has a passion for capturing the true working cowboy & the western lifestyle through the lens & stories. This is a lost art & a dying breed of the working man. As technology has begun to take over, many little things have been taken for granted. It’s about riding for your brand, the loyalty in a handshake, and the power of a man’s word. Most of Laine’s photographs have been taken off horseback capturing the “working” cowboy during their normal everyday life. They’re not posed, they’re not staged, just raw and real through her experiences during sunrise on the back of her horse riding through green pastures.

laine smith

You can learn more about Laine and her photography are her website, Memory Laine Photography.



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