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Karen Leibee is a veteran sales associate for Progressive Nutrition.  She is also a very close friend to our family.  Therefore, we often look to her for advice.   She has been a great resource for our horse and cattle nutrition needs.  Karen has several years of experience and volumes of successful testimonials.  Karen and her husband Jack, are in the process of relocating to Sheridan, WY and  I had the pleasure of doing a quick Question and Answer with Karen.  We hope to give people in the area an opportunity to see what she has to offer!


I am a  long-time rancher, interested in livestock nutrition. I have learned so much through my affiliation with Vigortone/Progressive Nutrition. Both are very caring companies.  I love horses and cattle, in that order. It has been so rewarding to work with caring horse/livestock owners on nutrition. Proper nutrition influences many things. Performance and health for horses; longevity and reproduction in cattle. I call Vigortone “the performance mineral” because cattle perform when it is fed. PN products can even help calm horses down that are say, bad in the roping box. They actually can become very relaxed.  It is so interesting the difference good nutrition can make in many ways. It’s the key. Nutrition and genetics just about says it all. We all love happy horses; contented cattle.

How long have you been a Sales Associate for Progressive Nutrition and why did you choose to become a dealer?Since 1994 with Vigortone, since 2000, with Progressive; when Progressive Nutrition was added under the Vigortone umbrella of companies. PN is a real success story, as is Vigortone–a leader in animal nutrition. The oldest mineral company in America. I am so pleased to be affiliated with such great products.  I like being able to help people and horses with the best products available. I believe Progressive Nutrition to be the best available. I wish they advertised more.

What benefits are derived from Progessive Nutrition? Healthier, stronger, happier horses. Beautiful hair coats, great hoof integrity, stamina, focus. Just an all-over appearance of thrifty, healthy horses. You can visibly tell the horses that are fed Progressive products.

What are the most common benefits and results your
clients see after changing to PN?
 Our Diet Balancer has no starch, so it virtually eliminates acid gut, which makes horses ‘hot’ and hard to handle .When they don’t have a stomach ache, they can focus more on their job. It increases stamina. It develops muscle. Envision Classic is hi-fat for horses that need more calories. Those are the products I am most familiar with, but we have wonderful tech support to answer any questions that may arise.  We also have bucketed products like Kool Blue Ultimate, Motion Source, Soothing Pink, Top Line Advantage, Aqua Aid. Ulcers can be a real problem with performance horses and we have products to combat ulcers and/or to prevent them from occuring.

What are the key ingredients of Progessive Nutrition? Soybean Meal, Heat processed soybean, DDG’s, amino acids with added lysine, methionine, tryptophan and threonine for optimal muscle growth

Progressive Nutrition products do not contain fillers. Please, explain.  All products put into the bag is digestible to the horse, there is nothing else. What is on the bag is a guaranteed analysis of what IS IN THE BAG, which makes it an exclusive product.

Why should people consider changing to PN? A number of reasons, horse health, muscle growth, stamina, hooves, colts with straight legs, happier horse means happier person, and the cost pr head pr day, if you feed the products like the tag tells you. PN  Diet Balancers like Grass Formula are less expensive than most products out there, because they are so concentrated. Many horse owners don’t add anything to our Diet Balancers. Some add a bit of grain, but it isn’t necessary.

What line of products
do you offer?
Diet Balancers, Grass, Alfalfa, Growth, Envision (Hi Fat), Adult Supplement, Seprogessive-and-invisionnior Formula both sweet and pelleted, Foals first Milk, Foals Starter Creep, Forage Pro Paddock (free choice) numerous bucketed products for joints to calming.We offer Rejuvenate for foals that have leg problems which can be due to lack of proper nutrition for the  mare. Those using Rejuvenate have seen a huge difference in straightening legs on foals.

How can people find more information or order PN products? Email: kmleibee@yahoo.com Phone:307-620-0198. www.prognutrition.com

Thank you Karen, for taking time to visit with me.  I use Progressive Nutrition products and I have seen the great results!!!

Until next time, enjoy your ride!

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