Just Another Day in Paradise

  • July 30, 2016
  • |
  • by Savanna Simmons

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When I would ask a good friend and fellow ranch-wife how she was doing, her reply was always, “Great! Just another day in paradise!” At the age of 20, I always sniggered about her response and thought it to be “cute”. Now, I think it’s important.

Being a ranch-wife and parent in a remote location is not the easiest thing on a person’s social life or spring fever – year round. I rode along with my husband the other day when he needed a little help and our boys were being watched by our neighbors so I could, ahem, write some stories.

I had a day of laughter and pure joy, over putting out lick tubs. Also, I think a man’s “I just need help for five minutes” and a woman’s “I’ll be ready in five minutes” are the exact same length of time and neither is actually five minutes. Anybody relate?

ranch wife

Even though we live on the ranch, I don’t always see the cattle that are such an important part of our livelihood and such a huge chunk of my husband’s day. The girls look great despite our lack of rain.

ranch help

I got to drive the pickup as Boe kicked out lick tubs. There was a lot of waiting and enjoying sunshine. And the view. It was pretty nice of him to do the “heavy-work”.

ranch view

As I was bumping along at a snail’s pace, looking through the cracked pickup windshield, my husband directs me to head toward “that sage brush” but not through it so I don’t pull wires underneath the pickup. Ok. Got it!

ranch day

Here’s a hint, gals: always be watching for hand signals and know what they mean! Can anyone decipher this one, please?

ranch shoes

Driving mocs are required for such outings, real pants are not. (Hopefully my feet on the ranch pickup dash are acceptable! It actually probably cleaned it up some!)


Ah, and the most beautiful part of the day is not having to open or close any gates. Want my advice for the perfect day in paradise? Hire on at a ranch that has cattle-guards!

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life