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In my Cowboy Gypsy post we discussed what it’s like to be a modern day wandering ranch hand. All of your belongings take up a lot of room in the process of moving.  In this post we are going to discuss the “essential” belongings to take with you when going to day work somewhere where you don’t need to supply your own horses.

I used the word essential loosely because in all reality do I need 6 different ropes for two weeks of day work? Probably not. None the less I’m going to give you a little description of some of my go to items for a few weeks of spring time day work. (I have links to most of these makers or products so you can go find something similar to fill your trunk.)


Chase Sligar Armitas

If I’m going to be out in the elements branding and possibly getting precipitated on you can bet I am going to have my leggings. Depending on the form of precipitation I might have the other kind of leggings, also known as long johns, under my jeans.


Mario Hanel Saddle

When ranch work is happening you better have a good saddle that won’t sore a horse or human, and it helps if they have some eye appeal.


Nicholas Stirrups

Every saddle needs a set of stirrups, they might as well be gorgeous well made ones.  At Nicholas Stirrups they make  functional, beautiful, and affordable custom stirrups.


Old Gringo Boots-

These are an item that might not be real essential to a few weeks of day work in Nevada. But I am always thinking of a good time and the possibility of dancing one night in Winnemucca. It’s smart to be prepared for lots of situations.


CSI Saddle Pad

These are awesome, they have a reversible liner with velcro running down the spine of the pad for easy reversal. The liner can be replaced for a fraction of the original cost of the pad. I have two other pads here that are nothing too special. I like to take more than one saddle pad when I am going to be riding every day so I can let one air out while the other is being used.



In the back shadows of my truck with my jumper cables and tire chains is a pair of nasty old Bogs. I’m taking these because you never know what the weather is going to do in March! Never!


Nylon Ropes-

Why do you need so many ropes for just two weeks? Good question and to be honest I don’t need that many but I am always trying out different ropes. We are going to be branding and like I mentioned before it might rain on us and a rope gets nasty so fast in wet conditions. I have some E4 head ropes in that pile because I am going to try my hand at team roping. Some of the ropes in this pile are; Tips 380 Special, E4 Ropes, and an OX Ranch nylon.


Stetson Boots

These square toed boots are awesome work boots. The vamps are made of shark and they are tough and comfortable. If you haven’t tried Stetson boots I highly recommend them.


Stetson Canadian Tuxedo

I love a good denim jacket especially when it is lined with wool. Fashionable and warm!


After I got all the junk in my trunk loaded I realized that I am not a light packer. I have headstalls under the saddle pads, clothes in my backseat, and hats in my window. Cowboys can’t pack light because a day in the life of a cowboy is like the weather in March, you never know what you are going to get. It is our job to be prepared for anything and everything that comes our way and take it with a smile!



Posted in: Featured, Horse Supplies, Ranch Life

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