Joint Infections. 5 Reasons to Act Fast

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It happens all the time… We head out to catch our horse and notice a limp, or maybe some slight swelling.  The handy cowboy or cowgirl in us all goes through our past experience list.  Assess the damage, run cold water over it, maybe even put a sweat wrap on it, and give some butte.  You might think you are just dealing with a bruise or scrape, but beware… If it’s close to a joint, you’d better get to the vet. Joint infections are nothing to mess around with.

  1. If you delay treatment of a joint infection your horse could be looking at career ending unsoundness or even death.
  2. Lameness from joint infections can take hold anywhere from 8-24 hours after the trauma occurs. Just because your horse isn’t lame, doesn’t mean there isn’t bacteria in the joint fluid.
  3. If there is drainage coming from the wound your horse may not appear lame.  Play it safe and see your veterinarian if the affected area is near a joint.
  4. Joint infections can appear to be healed with regular antibiotics, however if bacteria can still get into the wound the chance of infection coming back is very high. Keep a clean wrap and close eye on your horse until that scrape or puncture is completely healed.
  5. Not all antibiotics are created equal. Talk to your vet and discuss the best option for zapping this infection quick. Maybe he needs more than one type.
joint infections, horse care, equine lameness

You may think you have all the supplies to take care of this wound, but it’s wise to play it safe when joints are concerned.

joint infections, equine lameness, horse care

This puncture was barely visible under her winter hair. After a shave, it was obvious that there was a deep hole with drainage.

joint infections, equine lameness, horse care

This mare had major swelling even after a sweat wrap and meds, but she was never lame. Luckily we caught this before any infection took hold.


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