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Joe Wolter is right up there among my favorite of clinicians. He’s awfully down-to-earth and kind while still able to poignantly deliver a message or lesson. He has been able to help me in some of my biggest sticking points with horses over the years, and, if you’ve seen him ride, you know how animated and passionate he is, from the first couple rides to the later “polishing” rides. Joe Wolter can bring out the greatest potential in horses and people. What I guess I’m saying is take advantage of this FREE opportunity Joe is offering while some of us have a little more down-time than we might otherwise!

If you don’t know Joe Wolter, here is a bit about him:

Friend to Horse and Rider

“Back in the mid-70’s when I first went to work for Ray Hunt on a ranch in Nevada and saw the look of his horses and what he could do, I knew that was what I wanted. I’ve been on that journey ever since.” – Joe Wolter

As anyone who has attended a Joe Wolter clinic knows, he’s not one to boast. He might share a story or two, but he’s not about to brag about his accomplishments. “I’m just a regular cowboy who had some help along the way,” says Joe.

Although he grew up around horses, and at nine years old was working on a thoroughbred farm where he handled studs and mares and rode jumpers, Joe’s cowboying career didn’t start until he finished high school and headed to Nevada. He worked on several ranches before landing at the Soldier Meadows Ranch where the cow boss was a man named Ray Hunt.

“A fellow warned me not to go to work for that Ray Hunt. He said Ray would get me killed. But it’s the help I got from Ray Hunt that has kept me alive all these years.”

After working for Ray off and on for a number of years and starting colts with him all over the West, Joe took a job on a ranch in Salinas, California. There he became friends with Bill Dorrance and together they began conducting some of the earliest ranch roping clinics. The video “There’s Roping to Do” came out of Joe’s time with Bill Dorrance, which also included frequent learning opportunities with Bill’s brother, Tom Dorrance.

Always looking to broaden his knowledge and understanding of horses, Joe moved to wife Jimmie’s home state of Texas in the mid 1990’s. He started colts for Lindy Burch at the Oxbow Ranch and later went to work for the Four Sixes Ranch, training and showing replacement fillies and stallions. In 2002 he won the inaugural AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse competition at Fort Worth Stock Show and then went on to more Ranch Horse and Cutting wins over the next several years.

Today Joe continues to compete in Ranch Roping and other events as his clinic schedule allows. He and Jimmie now divide their time between their home place in Aspermont, Texas and a modest summer facility outside of Ballantine, Montana.


You can learn more about how to submit a video less than 3 minutes in length for Joe to review at the website link below. You may also supply him with what you’ve been working on. He will respond to you via email or phone conversation with his thoughts on how to proceed.

This is what Joe’s website states:

Distance Learning During Social Distancing
Horses aren’t bothered by all the uncertainty in the world these days, which is why connecting with them is especially important right now. So please get out there and enjoy your horses all you can. That’s what Joe is doing. Although we’ve had to reschedule upcoming clinics, Joe would like to continue helping people and horses all he can through distance learning. Mindful of what a difficult time it is for so many, he will be offering this at no charge.

Send us a short video, under 3 minutes in length, for Joe to review. Try to capture what you’re working on with your horse and include the question you have or the issue you would like Joe to address. Joe will review the video and respond to you by email or phone. See video upload instructions at bottom of page.

Joe Wolter

Stay connected. Send Joe Wolter a video and he’ll send you his thoughts.

Video Instructions:

  1. Record your video (Please keep it under 3 minutes in length)
  2. Upload video to your YouTube channel and send the link to, along with your question or explanation. Please include your name and contact information.
  3. Joe will review the video and get back to you either by email or phone as soon as he can.

For technical assistance, contact our Webmaster Patti Hudson

Who is planning on submitting a video to Joe Wolter? I sure am!
Thank you, Joe, for offering your advice and thoughts during this pandemic! When this is all over, and we’re able to be closer than 6-feet from one another, I highly recommend attending one of Joe’s clinics.

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