An Interview with Sherry Cervi

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I’m really loving the new video series, Rodeo Sports Promotions, put out by Pro Fantasy Rodeo and K.C. Jones. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting K.C. on a few occasions, and when I lived in Texas I got to know his wife Gayle. They’re two of the nicest folks you could ever hope to know! K.C. is a 9-time NFR qualifier in the Steer Wrestling and was the 2015 American Steer Wrestling Champion.

He’s catching up with all sorts of rodeo greats who’re sharing their advice from the road.  You’ll find everything from interviews with people behind the scenes, to how to warm up a bulldogging horse, to the differences in jerk lines for ropers. And for us girls, there’s plenty of info coming from the barrel racers too!

His interview with Sherry was really good. She’s such a hardworking, humble person. It’s fun to learn more about how she takes care of her horses and learn more about her.

Sherry Cervi competes on Stingray at the NFR. Photo by Jackie Jensen

He caught up with Sherry Cervi recently and here’s what she had to say about the rodeo road, life, her horses and the products she uses to keep them going strong:

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Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Supplies, Horse Training, Rodeo

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