If You Give A Girl A Rope…

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My friend Amy Potter over at Ranch Wife Revolution came up with this sweet adaptation of “If you give a boy a baseball” that really fits her family and daughter (who everyone calls Fred, but whose name is actually Carlee) quite well. This girl is ridiculously talented, like her dad, mom, and older brother (I’ll share Amy’s version of the anecdote about him next!) If you don’t know about Amy, go check her out on her Facebook page or blog! She has a beautiful balance of life, wisdom, and fun—she’s a hoot and a half, as we would say in Wisconsin! Please enjoy this little diddy from Amy Potter, Ranch Wife Revolution.

If You Give a Girl a Rope

If you give a girl a rope, she will want a horse to go with it.

You’ll get her the best horse you can find or she will talk her Dad out of his…. and then she will probably want a saddle and bridle and barrels to run.

Then, she will probably spend hours begging you to “make a loop” for her…. even though you may be busy trying to keep her face clean and ribbons in her hair….. she will insist. And her insistence will win.

And when a girl gets a saddle, she will need boots and spurs and a belt to go with it.…..and a pen of fresh calves to rope.

And then life as you know it will end.

There will be no more lazy weekends watching tv. You will see more sunrises than you ever thought possible. Every spare minute of your time will be spent braiding her hair, pinning a back number, running the chute, hauling horses, washing jeans, and starching shirts.

And your house will be a mess. And your truck will be dirty with a weeks worth of clothes in the back seat. All because you gave a girl a rope.

Your weekends will be spent freezing or burning to death on a fold-up chair. Videoing each run, keeping times, and walking out horses. And her weekends will be spent gaining confidence and friends, and learning new skills and having fun and getting dirty. So dirty in fact that you will have to learn how to do laundry in a whole new way, like maybe at a carwash using the pressure washer.

And you will be there the day she catches her first calf, tips a barrel running against the big girls for the win, her first check, and her very first buckle. And she will make you SO proud. The other moms will congratulate you. But you feel weird saying ‘thank you’ because it’s not you backed in the box and nodding for that calf knowing you had to rope in two seconds…. It’s her. She did this.

And right before your eyes, your little girl will be transformed from the baby who couldn’t build a loop…. who now drives you to the rodeo. She will trade dirt tears for running mascara.

give a girl a rope

When you give a girl a rope, you give her more than just a rope. You give her the world with no limits. You give her a sport, and a talent, and hope, and dreams, and friends, a new family, a place to learn about life, room to grow as a person, where she can push her limits, and bravery, and courage and LIFE, and memories. And she will have ALL of these things, simply because you gave a girl a rope. She will learn how to be humble with a win and grateful for everything…. even in the slumps.

Because you gave a girl a rope, you too will develop new/lifelong friendships, developed solely from the same passion for the sport and your friends. You will root together, keep times, and worry. Because you gave a girl a rope.

All because you gave a girl a rope
And built a loop for her.

Written by Amy Potter

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