How To Start A Colt

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In this hour long segment we go over how to start a colt and I show and demonstrate several things a potential horse buyer should check out. My line of thinking is, if I can teach you how to observe, you can learn together with your horse.
Observation is the key, before you go to working your horses you ought to observe, much like speaking. It’s pretty common knowledge that it’s a good idea to listen before you start talking.  The horse will appreciate this and you will be rewarded for it.
how to start a colt
Observation isn’t just sight, it’s the sound, rhythm of the breath, the tension in the muscles, the feel of the whole horse. Once you have truly observed, you won’t need me. Why? Well by then you will know what you need to work on straight from the source. More likely than not what you’ll find what you oughta work on is yourself.

Good luck and may the horse be with you.
Tristen Baroni

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Video

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