How to Halter Your Horse

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Putting a halter on your horse may seem like a simple, no brainer. Put the halter on your horse and go. But, sometimes horses will learn to put their heads up, or take their heads away from you, and otherwise it may have become difficult for you to catch your partner. Well, I’m here to show you how we do it and teach it here on this outfit, and hopefully it’ll help you on yours.  Plus it’s very helpful to have this information when you’re starting babies. If we start this way, hopefully they’ll always help you halter them!

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One thing to note: if you can teach your horse to put their head down when you halter them, you’ll be helping any little person on your place be able to go and catch whatever horse it’d like to ride that day. And I’m all about helping the little ones! If you’ve missed the “how to tie a rope halter post” click here.

I clearly didn’t have my horse as with me as I should have — or she’d have hung out with me while I discussed how to hold your halter etc. And, if I’d have had all my stuff gathered up and ready to catch her when she was there hanging out with me, I’d have not lost her.  Just goes to show, we are all human works in progress!

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Training, Ranch Life

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