Top 7 Horse Songs That Aren’t About Horses

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There are scads of songs devoted to our equine companions, and dozens more that mention horses as some part of a theme. Here are a few of the catchiest horse songs that aren’t about horses.

1)White Horse by Laid Back, 1984

In this funky tune, the singers encourage listeners to not ride the white horse. Rather, they want us to ride the white pony. There’s also an offensive curse word and some scant advice on getting rich, but I’m kind of hung up on the horse color choice.

Why don’t they want us to ride a white horse? Are they cautioning us away from this particular coat color because they know that white horses are prone to cancer around their eyes due to their pink skin and they want to save us future heartache and trouble by not even riding the white horse to begin with?

They want you to ride this:

Not this:

Whatever their reasons, listen to this song and you’ll want to get a white pony. Watch the music video and you’ll want the lead singer to get a haircut. Click here to see and hear what I mean.

2) Hitch It To The Horse by Fantastic Johnny C, 1968

If you’re unsure how to hitch it to the horse and done the funky walk, check out the lyrics for further instructions. I listened to the song and found myself highly motivated to pantomime harnessing up an imaginary team and driving them around my kitchen with a little jump-step to my get-a-long. I didn’t get a video of myself doing this (you’re welcome), but I really feel like this post is incomplete without a video by a long, tall drink of water named Tayler Teichert. Do you know her? Maybe we can all sweet talk her into helping us out. C’mon, Tayler – you sold your funky sweaters, don’t sell out on your funky dance moves!

Here is a link to the audio of the song.

3) Girls Ride Horses Too by Judy Rodman, 1987

Back in the ’80s, Judy was a gal with a perm who did what she had to do. Apparently, this included riding her horse over the Mexican border in pursuit of her lover, where she tracked him down and drank his tequila. Question: Was she really after the man or the booze? Once she had a few sips of tequila did she forget, and that’s the real reason she slept on a blanket in the desert? Check out the music video to learn more.

4) High Horse by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 1985

This catchy, upbeat tune is great for bouncing around the tack room before saddling up or doing some serious car dancing on the way home from town. Let’s not examine the lyrics too carefully, lest we discover the song’s central theme: lust. But, it’s tasteful and super fun, so it deserves a spot on this list. Also, how can you not like NGDB? Banjos (er…something) till the break of day? Heck yeah!

Here’s a High Horse music video.

5) A Horse With No Name by America, 1972

’70s hair. A head-bobbing beat. Cryptic lyrics that describe fun in the sun without SPF and a mystery horse, all served up with an environmental undertone.

Yes, please.

The beat of this song perfectly fits the cadence of the average horse’s 4-mph walk. If you get it stuck in your head while plodding along on your horse (who presumably has a name), you can thank me. If you don’t like hippie music, then sorry about that.

To hear more about the mysteriously anonymous mount and his sunburned rider, click here.

6) Black Horse And The Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall, 2006

Regardless of your marital status and/or feelings about talking to a horse beneath a fruit tree, this catchy tune fits the cadence of a horse’s lope and is a fun track to put on repeat in your mind while loping circles. Or, you can cut out all those word-things and just sing the part everyone knows: “woo-hoo…woo-hoo…”

In case you’re interested in hearing more of the word-things, here’s the music video.

7) Don’t Change Horses In The Middle Of A Stream by Tower Of Power, 1974

This easy-listening song with plenty of brass instruments describes a man asking his girlfriend of 5 years to stay with him and keep their good thing going. It’s a sweet testament to lasting love, plus it has fun lyrics like “giddy-up” and “hi-o Silver,” which are tough to find outside of a Gene Autry tune.

Listen to the music video and enjoy the sweet tune.


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