Horse Deworming Protocol

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It is that time of year to make a deworming plan for your horse. I encourage each of you to visit with your veterinarian to make a plan for your herd.  Here is the deworming protocol from Marshall T Kohr, DVM,  at the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming.

Parasite levels can be determined by fecal analysis at any time and is now the preferred protocol in order to prevent overuse of
dewormers, which can ultimately lead to resistance. Please do not hesitate to review your horse’s individual deworming needs. Feel free to contact any of the veterinarians at AMC: 307-682-1507 (ask for Marshall)


Equimax: an ivermectin combination with praziquantel to eliminate tapeworms in addition to a broad spectrum of other parasites.


Strongid. A safe dewormer that can be used with pregnant mares prior to foaling and in mares and foals at 10 -21 days post foaling (and after birth, for foals).


Eqvalan. Administer after the first hard frost to kill BOT larvae.


Panacur. To change the “class” or formulation of dewormer so as to avoid resistance to dewormers, plus Panacur is a very effective class of dewormer.

If your horse can be hard to deworm, take a look at this article for help.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care

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