Have You Ever…

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Have you spent a day a-horseback with the person you love the most?

Have you heard him utter those blessed four words: “I’ll get the gate”?

Have you heard the clicks, pops, and scuffs of 100, 250, 400 cattle walking in unison as they are gathered and moved?

Have you seen a jackrabbit jump up under your horse’s nose, molting to meld with the pending snowfall?

Have you witnessed hundreds of antelope dancing on the horizon, wary of what you’re up to but too curious to leave?

Have you felt the slack swaying in that sweet gelding’s reins as you let him pick his way around the cactus and brush?

Have you smelled the sweet scent of sage rise up to your nose as you ride through, rustling its minute leaves with each step?

Have you heard the shouts of a cowboy to his good cowdogs, that’ll do, way to me, as they accomplish the work of several men?

Have you felt the sun warm your shoulders on a foggy November morning as you near the end of your ride, thawing your hands frozen around your reins?

Have you walked the slow agonizing pace of an old cow with a bad leg who always produces wonderful calves, trying not to hurry her, but not letting her fall too far behind?

Have you spent hours in a saddle built by hands who have been where you are, who have the passion you have?

Have you felt God’s presence around you as cattle low to their neighbors across the fence and your best saddle horse walks steadily along below you, your cowdogs trotting along side you, grateful for another day of getting to do what you love most?


Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life, Uncategorized

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