Hat Training

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I’m blessed with an abundance of hair, rapidly going gray, but that is a story for another time. All this hair makes wearing a cowboy hat a constant struggle for me. The hair and the fact I feel like I am in costume while wearing a hat, mean I seldom wear one. If I am not wearing a ball cap, I’d don a cheap straw hat or a hand me down that never fit quite right. Until recently, when I purchased my first custom made felt cowboy-girl hat.

Since I’ve made this significant investment, I feel obligated to wear my hat.  However, unlike my husband (and father and brother) it is not the first thing I reach for when I step out the door.  If I don’t wear it frequently enough, I am left with an angry red line where the band rested on pinched my forehead.  I figure one has two options when faced with this painful dilemma, 1) Quit wearing the spendy @#$%*& thing or 2) Wear it more often.  I opted for the latter.  Thus, I have  recently resorted to “hat training.”  Now nearly every time I ride, I don my new lid.

I will never be as diligent as the men in my life, but my hat habits are slowly improving.  Now that you know, don’t be surprised if you happen to find me in my sombrero at the stove; I wore it in a rainstorm and I need to “train” it dry.  How do you cope with your cowboy costume?

Posted in: Featured, Horse Supplies, Ranch Life, Uncategorized

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