Handling the Feet

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Handling the feet of your horse seems to be one thing that perplexes many horse owners. Often people will leave that job to their farrier. I’m glad I’m not a farrier, but I am able and willing to pick up the feet of a horse.

You too can learn to pick up the feet of your horse, no matter their stage of training, and the video below will help you achieve that. The key is to begin getting the horse to unweight the foot you’re after. Once you get that to happen, you pick the foot up for a moment. Let them have it back before they feel the need to take it back. Before you know it, you’ve got them ready for their first trim.

My farriers both say that when you begin to pick up their feet, you always hold it in a comfortable position for the horse. To hell with where you’re comfortable. Get them good at having their feet handled. When they’re good at having them picked up, add in holding them for longer.

Good luck!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Training

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