Good Horse Gone Gray

  • April 16, 2019
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  • Savanna Simmons

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There comes a time
when your good horse goes gray,
his walk begins to slow
and his back shows a sway.

His wise old eyes grow cloudy
yet they still have that shine,
just as yours do when you think back
on his long life with pride.

The years in which you gave to me,
all those moments in between,
the miles trotting and ribbons won
and a grinning kid at the end of the lead.

good horse

I miss my sweet old horse already
though he’s still safe in the pasture.
I hadn’t anticipated this feeling
when we still had a long future together.

I hope I gave to you in return
all that you deserved.
An understanding built between us,
trust gained, love earned.

You ended your career toting my little son,
in this task you never faltered.
You graciously stepped carefully, stopped easily,
and lowered your head for hugs and the halter.

You’ve never failed me, hurt me,
or left any feelings of disappointment.
You were steadfast and loyal
and for that you are anointed.

Tuff, I’ll cherish our time together,
and not dwell on what will be,
when our time draws near,
and you have to leave me.

good horse

Read more about my heart horse, Tuff, who turned twenty years old this month, parts one and two, below.


Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Photography, Ranch Life, Uncategorized