Why God made the Rancher

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I wrote this poem as part of a Christmas present for my parents. The idea came from a poem I read every day as a kid, called “Why God made Little Girls” – Author unknown. I owe my parents a great deal of gratitude for choosing to raise my brother and I in such a tough, but rewarding way of life. This poem just barely scratches the surface of why I think God made ranchers. I am sure thankful He did!


God made the world, with its wide open spaces
grass lands, mountains, and majestic places
Then paused and said, it needs one more thing-
“Someone to care
for the land and the stock,
to provide others with food,
and watch over my flock”
So God made the rancher,
with leathery hands and a gentle, knowing eye
with patience and humor, and a resourceful mind
enduring and strong
weathered but kind
To care for His pastures
to work to the bone
doing manual labor
yet commune with the Lord
in quiet hours
When He completed the task
He had started
He was delighted and proud
and greatly rewarded
For the world, when seen through a rancher’s eyes
is a little more beautiful
and a little bit like paradise.

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