Featured Horse For Sale: 2012 Palomino Ranch Gelding

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My husband is offering up one of his nice ranch geldings as lot number 71 at the 2019 Sugar Bars Legacy Sale September 21 and 22 in Sheridan, Wyoming. Junipers Best was raised by Hunt Ranch in South Dakota. He’s been in our herd for about three years and is ready for someone to take home and get to using.

Junipers Best boasts all the fancy moves and cow you would expect from his breeding. Sun Frost, Doc Bar, and Colonel Freckles are right on his papers, lending him his ideal size, flashy color, and excellent agility. “Dash” has done all that is required of him on a large cattle ranch with the simplest of ease and a nice headset while doing it. He runs hard to cows, watches, cuts, and sorts gracefully, and drags calves smoothly. He’s nice to shoe, easy to load, and broke to hobble and actually stays put. He’s a little shy on the ground but doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Dash weighs in at 1150 and stands 15.1. At seven years old, he’s old enough to have some good experience under his belt, and he’s young enough to shape into whatever you’d like him to be. Give Boe a call with questions, 307-920-8843.

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Check out the catalog above for some other really nice horses. The folks at Sugar Bars Legacy pick some good using horses.

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