Featured Horse: 6 yr old Gelding

  • June 3, 2020
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  • Cavvy Savvy

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Pistol will stand 15hh and weigh 1250 lbs.  This gelding has been used extensively around the ranch and knows an honest days work.  He as a nice snappy walk outside and has never offered to be cinchy or mean.  Pistol has run close to 200 steers both heading and heeling and should make a great jackpot horse.  Any questions contact 406-489-2414.

“First Class Buck” dragging calves to the fire, this nice six-year-old gelding is handy to have around and is always ready to go to Work, he sells June 28 at the BHSS Summer Horse Sale!

For more information contact to call or message 406-489-2414

Posted in: Featured Horse for Sale