Featured Horse: 2010 Pony Mare “Jelly Bean”

  • June 3, 2020
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  • Cavvy Savvy

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“Jelly Bean” is a very classy little black and white paint mare. She is as sweet as she is cute! Jelly Bean is as gentle as they come.

Nothing bothers this horse; not kids, dogs, gun shots, flags, ropes, the list goes on. She is such a versatile little horse (standing 13.3 HH and weighing 1000 lbs).

Jelly Bean is well-broke and willing to do absolutely anything asked of her. She is big and stout enough for adults and yet sweet and dependable for youngsters to enjoy. We have exposed her to many situations and she has always come through with flying colors.

It doesn’t matter your age, discipline, or walk of life; Jelly Bean makes it fun. She sells at Bots Sots Remount June 6.


Posted in: Featured Horse for Sale