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Here at our ranch near Eagle Butte, SD, we offer a unique opportunity. We offer equine/horsemanship internships.  Our equine internships are geared towards college students pursuing equine/ag/animal related degrees, but anyone is welcome to apply, so long as they’re over 18.  We practice Ray Hunt/Buck Brannaman Style horsemanship here as well as low-stress cattle handling.

What makes our internship special is that from the first day, you will be involved in advancing your horsemanship while helping horses get better as well.  You are not simply a go-fer and a groom. Rest assured, there will be chores to do, however none of those is a job we won’t do right alongside you at some point. We will work closely with your Universities to make sure that the curriculum meets the needs of each student.. Among the things you’ll learn/help with:

Halter Breaking

Animal Husbandry

Colt Starting

Horseback Cattle Handling

Ranch Roping

Branding and Doctoring Cattle


4H/Youth Activities

The internship runs for 8 weeks (but can be customized for less or more time, depending upon your University’s requirements).  The cost is $250/week for college students; first year, non-college students desiring an internship are $525. We provide food and (semi-private) housing — which is why there is a cost involved. We are in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no chance people could just “drive” to work here daily.


We’d love the chance to share with you the things we’ve learned through our years of breeding and training horses.

You can apply here. (Due April 15, 2015)

Read about our philosophy here.

I look forward to hearing from  you and truly hope we can help you grow a horseman!

Happy Trails!


Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Ranch Life

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