The Elusive Lead Change

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It’s really not elusive. Horses have been doing them without us on their backs since they were about three days old and figured out they have legs that can take them really fast. But for the human, it can be a difficult thing to grasp.

There are elements to a lead change that one must have a good understanding of, before they can actually ask the horse for a flying change and get it.

1. You’ll have to have your horse good at leg yielding.

2. You’ll need to have your horse good at haunches in.

3. You’ll have to know where the foot-falls of the horse are at the lope or gallop, so you can ask at the right time. The correct time is the moment of suspension – when all your horse’s feet are off the ground.

Don’t get me wrong — It all sounds easier said than done, but I am still struggling with the timing. So here’s Eitan Beth-Halachmy, a very talented horseman, giving a super explanation of what needs to happen, and when.

Do you struggle with flying lead changes?

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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