East Meets West Clinic, Sheridan, WY

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If you’re anywhere near Sheridan, Wyoming, Sept. 7 and 8, 2019, and you have an interest in cow working, dressage, or horsemanship in general, count your lucky stars, then head over to Paul Van Dyke’s arena to catch the East Meets West Clinic, featuring Paul and his sister Betsy, pictured below.

east meets west clinic

From Paul’s website:

Paul and Betsy Van Dyke are a brother and sister team who share a love of horses.  While they have pursued this passion through different disciplines, in the East Meets West Clinic, they are bringing it all together in a new and fresh experience for people of all levels. Paul’s background in colt starting, cow horse training and making ranch horses and Betsy’s background in developing horses from Training level to Grand Prix come together to help you develop a greater degree of refinement between you and your horse. Whether you are after achieving a higher degree of collection or working a cow, Paul and Betsy’s goal is to help you achieve the art of horsemanship.

Learn more about the clinic, Paul, Betsy, or any of Paul’s ventures, including saddle building clinics, online. Auditing is $20 per day.

east meets west clinic

A little back story from Paul:

We grew up in Michigan and rode from an early age. I discovered Will James around the preteen years and was ruined! I left after high school to pursue the cowboy deal. All of that lead to a passion for the cow horse both in a classical and modern sense. Betsy at a young age saw and was intrigued by trick/dancing horses. She met some dressage people and got “hooked“. It’s an interesting story filled with lots of people and places, but I guess ultimately it all goes back to a Spanish history. I got fascinated by the stock horse element and she by the straight riding part.

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