DIY Pole Bending Poles

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The snow is blowing and the temperature is falling…head to the garage or barn and build your own, inexpensive set of pole bending poles! Poles that even withstand the harsh Wyoming elements.
To buy a commercial set of Pole Bending bases, you are looking at spending anywhere from $189-$339 plus shipping for six. That’s bases only, so you still must buy your own PVC poles.


Here is a quick, easy and inexpensive option, costing as low as $40 and taking only an afternoon, at the most to construct.

Cheap, Easy and Fast, DIY Pole Bending Poles


1, 2 ½ gallon Bucket
1-2 50lbs bags of Quickrete, $9.69
6 PVC pipes, 7 feet long ($5-$10 each)
Water and a stick to stir the quick setting concrete.

Directions: Fill bucket ¾ full of Quikrete (directions on bag for the amount of water to add), stir until an even and gritty consistency.  Let set with pole in the middle (about 15 min). Repeat for all 6 poles, using the same bucket.


Fast to make, cheap materials and durable pole bending poles that withstand most any weather.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Supplies, Horse Training, Rodeo

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