DIY Fly Sheet Repair

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It is already hot and dry here in Gillette, Wyoming. Warm summer temperatures and rain (even a little) means fly season.

Our horses are kicking and running from the few flies that are out. We decided it was time to pull out the fly sheets and try to give these horses a little relief. I’m sure you can all relate to this scenario…As we pull out last year’s fly sheets, our daughter, Cedar, throws her sheet on her young gelding and the next day catches him, only to find the fly sheet has large rips and tears.

fly sheet


There are places that do blanket repairs. These talented folks will sew rips, reattach buckles, and straps and get those blankets back to use. However, we needed to put this fly sheet back together that day. So Cedar went to work.

fly sheetfly sheet

She grabbed some dental floss and a sewing needle and whip stitched the fly sheet.  It worked great and the blanket was back in business by the afternoon!

fly sheetfly sheet

Do you have any helpful tricks that you could share?

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Supplies, Ranch Life

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