All In A Day’s Work for Rodeo Parents

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All in a day’s work…High of 43 degrees today, raining off and on, tired wet and cold. We are just getting home from a weekend of High School rodeoing in Wheatland, WY.  Although thankful for the rain and moisture as our state is horribly dry, my thanks run thin as I am on hands and knees cleaning our small camper. Tired hungry kiddos, piles of wet muddy laundry, soaking wet, dirty rugs and homework to tackle…my mind wonders to the conversations in the bleachers, just hours ago, as the last section of Team Roping was about to begin.

day's work

“Well, I should be tearing down camp” said one shivering, teeth chattering Mom.

“Argh, I still have breakfast dishes to do plus pens to take down,” shares another parent.

“Oh No, I’ve got to go push my son’s steer,” says a cold and tired Dad. Another Mom, wrapped in blankets jumps down to the fence to video her son and his partner. A Tupperware tub of homemade chocolate chip cookies makes a round, handed out by a sweet Mom.

day's work
All in a day’s work…these parents work their day jobs all week, get home just in time to help their kids practice whatever event or events their kids do, help with chores, get dinner on the table, tend to laundry, help with homework, clean up dinner…just to start over the next morning! Many are not professional ropers, barrel racers or rough stock riders, yet they are out there saddling horses, working the roping chute, putting up barrels and poles, hauling kids to practice rough stock…just being parents!

Day's work

WHY in the world do parents do all of this? “I love the time with my kids”, says one Mom.

“What else would I do?”, says a Dad.

“Beats watching TV!” says another Dad.

“This is my favorite time of the year”, says a Mom, “Plus, I get to be right in the middle of what my kids love!”

“Think it’s a great way to raise my kids”, explains a Dad.

“All the miles are the best visiting time with my daughter”, tells another Dad.

day's work

All in a day’s work…the parents drive home while lots of kids sleep, do homework, reflect on their weekend of rodeo…a chocolate cookie, cup of coffee and think of where the next weekend High School rodeo will take their family. What are your favorite memories with your kids?

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life, Rodeo

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