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I am asked, often, what I wear in the winter to stay warm on the ranch. Despite the cold, and snow, ranchers are the crazy people outside, in the elements taking care of their animals. And of course, I ride all year round. In fact, winter is a good time for me to start colts. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve a barn to ride in, but still, it isn’t heated, which means I may or may not look like the kid in “A Christmas Story”. I’m just kidding. I don’t like the bulk, so I’ve found ways to stay warm and NOT look like the Michelin Man.

There are a few things on my must-have list for winter wear. This list changes depending upon what I’m doing but generally it goes like this:

1. Carhartt coveralls (for calving, and doing general chores when you’ve got to run around in the snow).

2. Wool Gloves, or cotton roping gloves (because I can’t stand the bulk of anything else).

3. Winter riding boots by Sorel.

4. Medium/Heavy Weight wool sock. My favorite are Smart Wool socks.

5. Scarves. Lots of silk scarves. I avoid the polyester ones like the plague. They only make you sweat which in turn makes you cold and that defeats the purpose.


Cowgirl Winter Wear


Cowgirl Winter Wear by jenn-zeller featuring Carhartt

6. Good, quality, handmade chinks.

I’m not big on wearing long-underwear because I don’t like bulk (even the silk ones), and fortunately for me, my chinks keep me warm enough, and since I’m in a place where it gets cold and stays cold, I get used to the cold – so I crack them out for the first one or two really cold days we have and then put them away, unless of course I break out my XC skis for some insane reason – maybe because I think I’ve eaten too much comfort food and I need to work off some homemade Macaroni and Cheese!!

Hopefully you found my cold-weather-gear-guide helpful, and you too can stay warm in the winter months ahead. And if you didn’t have any idea what to ask for for Christmas, maybe I’ve given you an idea or two!

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Horse Supplies

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