Cowboys and Technology

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He was in the middle of a story, horse back in the arena. He had been warming up his horse a few minutes before. It was a rare occasion to get together and enjoy a time of visiting with friends. The event was at a covered arena and being put on by a local cowboy church. As I made my way around warming my horse up as well; I could hear him telling his story to the other feller that was listening. Two fellers that are getting “long in the tooth” sharing a good story; one telling and the other listening. All of a sudden the story teller was reaching inside his vest to his shirt pocket and saying, “Excuse me, Bill.” Then the story teller revealed the attention getter from that pocket. You guessed it the modern day cell phone or mobile device.

You’ve seen him too as you looked on in amazement. You’ve seen that “old timer,” grandpa, or well seasoned cowboy take out his cell phone to make a phone call or receive one. You ponder and think about their past and all that they’ve seen in a lifetime. You’ve sat and listened to them tell of when they were a young boy. He would tell you about the one and a half day trip in a buckboard wagon to town. He reminisces about driving cattle to the railroad and loading them on rail cars. He has mentioned buddies in World War II or Korea that didn’t come home. He remembers a man walking on the moon.

All of those tales and all of those years come with a whole bunch of new fangled gadgets and technologies. You’ve had a chuckle or two (no disrespect intended) with him as you explained the features of his cell phone. It is kind of a comical sight to watch this feller trying to send a text message. He has rode many a mile in a saddle, and fixes most anything with balin’ wire, pliers, and a crescent wrench. You laugh with him as he has gotten used to this idea of being able to carry on a conversation on a phone he can put in his pocket.

Pastor In The Pasture

The thing to remember is that we all can feel like that sometimes. There are new technologies that will come out tomorrow, next week, or next year that we may pick up and use. We work our way through it and learn as we go or we may get help from our kids or a friend. It might be a new livestock management practice, ration, or equipment. You can go to agricultural trade shows and see rows and rows of new options or technology for your outfit. Whatever it is; you’ve learned to use it and how it benefits you.

That can be the same way with God’s word. Even though it’s old it can still have new insights and age old principles that we can learn and apply to our lives. We may have a situation or trial that we are facing in our lives. In order to solve it or help it we can search the Scriptures and find the hope, strength, or healing we need. In the book of Hebrews we find these words, “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12 NIV)

Is God’s word “alive and active” in your life? I sure hope it is. Are you learning things that are fresh and new? As we grow in His word we’ll see how it applies to situations both now and later.

Well, I got to go. I have a phone call…or is that a text…wait maybe it’s a Facebook message….what the heck is this thing doing….I gotta go and try to figure this thing out!

I’ll see ya’ll out in the pasture!

Posted in: Ranch Life

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