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Matt Robertson rides broncs, ropes yearlings, and writes songs about the cowboy lifestyle in a been-there-done-that kind of style. The 37-year-old cowboy will sing about a cowboy selling his best mount in a way that will make a grown man wipe dust from his eye, then launch into a toe-tapping tune about an old Appy who takes care of his rider each night on his way home from the bar.

Matt also sings about the rodeo life, Indian burial grounds, love, and a sweet tribute to a cowboy’s wife. I had the opportunity to chat with Matt about his horse-inspired tunes.

CS: What is your favorite horse-inspired song that you’ve written and recorded?

MR: (From my album) Livin’ The Dream, a song called Horseman. The gist of it is that a lot of times I’ve done things that I probably regretted, but in that song the horse has the spirit that keeps him free. If I don’t do things right and he gets in a bind and thinks that he can’t get out of it and flips over backwards and breaks my back, that’s not his fault, you know what I mean? That’s one of my favorite songs, anyway. I think a lot of people get it.

Matt drew a bucking horse on a piece of paper that he kept in his coat pocket, then he proceeded to write the lyrics to Horseman around that drawing.

CS: You grew up in a cowboy family and you’ve cowboyed for a living for years. How tightly are horses interwoven into the cowboy culture?

MR: It’s a whole culture that we have based around them. Those are the things that I like to write about, how the horse is a tool. He’s a friend. He’s necessary. We don’t need to forget about that part of it.

CS: What is your favorite type of horse?

MR: I like horses that have a lot of snap and a lot of fire. They take care of you, and a horse that’s just a plug, he leaves you hanging.

CS: How does a cowboy’s relationship with horses change over the course of his life?

MR: It’s like the old saying, ‘A horse is a mirror of your soul.’ As we age, our goal with our horse changes. When you’re young, you’ve got the ego of youth, and you might expect more of your horse. The wisdom of the old cowboy is he’s been there. He’s been a young hot-head, wanted to just be a bronc stomper or have a showy horse, but the horse was scared of him or whatever. As he gets older, he’s kinder, gentler. He might not look different on the outside, but he is different on the inside. He just wants to enjoy what he does every day.

CS: What lasting message do you hope listeners get from your songs?

MR: A common thread through all of my horse songs would be just a greater awareness. Open up your mind. Feel what he feels and see what he sees. You have to put yourself down through his eyes, and what does he see, you know? He sees a lot. You have a horse that all of a sudden looks somewhere and you look way out there, and you don’t see anything. If he’s so sensitive he can see whatever it was (like an eagle flying out of tree way out there), then what else are we missing?

Matt recently recorded a new album called “Just Cowboyin’.” Included on his new collection of songs is one he wrote about a cowboy who deals with the temptation of selling his best mare to buy a diamond ring. To hear the album and find out what the cowboy decides to do (I know I’m curious!), look for “Just Cowboyin’” on iTunes or contact Matt via Facebook to order a copy. It should be available by Christmas. He also performs live at various events, with upcoming shows including the 2018 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.

Here, Matt sings an original song onstage.

matt robertson

Matt is equally comfortable with a bronc rein in his hand instead of a guitar.

matt robertson

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