Cowboy Relief Roping Benefit For Toby Vineyard

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There is a special group of people who have formed an amazing organization called Cowboy Relief. Cowboy Relief’s sole purpose is to help cowboy’s with medical bills. This year’s event is Cowboy Relief Roping Benefit for Toby Vineyard is November 11th, 2017 at the Miller’s Horse Palace in Laurel, MT starting at 11am.

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Cowboy Relief was started in 2011 when a close friend, Chris Hatch, had heart problems. Christen and Sky Grant, Clayton and Danielle Malson, and Will and Keshia Croft came together and put on a roping. The first roping was such a success, they thought they would try it again. Since Chris Hatch, they have helped little Shane Redding, Wade Kornemann, Wade Knodle, Asher Van Dyke and now this year’s event is for Toby Vineyard.

I asked Christen Grant to tell us about Cowboy Relief.

“The Cowboy Relief committee meets and votes on who we feel has a true need. That is truly the hardest part of putting the roping on. I do most of the organizing for the roping prior to the roping and then the committee comes together on the day of to put on a smooth and fun benefit.”

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Christen and Sky Grant

Chris Hatch, Sky and Christen Grant and Tyler Sherman have been competing in ranch rodeos all around WY and MT as the Cowboy Relief team to let more people be aware of what they do. Each year they have had a few continued sponsors for their events including- Jim Stampfel with cattle, Sam and Shirley Redding, Toby and Amy Vineyard, Miller’s of Miller’s Horse Palace, Buckaroo Business, Sorenson Ranch, Lucas and Morgan Line, Tyrel Tucker, Pat Barker and the committee members. So many people have donated prizes or money each year. Without them, they would not be able to do what they do! The ropers and their families play a big role too just by showing up and roping! They don’t offer a payout to the winners of the events. The winners are given prizes that have been donated or sponsored. ALL proceeds go toward the family in need!

Christen added “Bridle bits are popular in our crowd so each year we have given first place in the muley roping bridle bits. We have had them sponsored each year. We have purchased some from Buckaroo Business and some handmade by James Gullion. This year is exciting because we had enough sponsors and money to get two bridle bits for first in the muley roping AND three for first place in the three man doctoring! This year we had Richard Brooks make them and they are beautiful and customized! We hope to go through him again! This year our bridle bit sponsors include Rick Young and Sons Auctioneers, Charlie Mackay and The Cowboy Relief. Another continued sponsor is Cowboys With A Mission (Kevin and Sherri Cooley).”

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Fancy prizes for a good cause.

This year’s event will have a muley roping ($50/roper), stick horse race (FREE), wild goat milking for the kids ($5/roper) and a three man doctoring. This will all take place November 11th, 2017 at the Miller’s Horse Palace in Laurel, MT starting at 11am. A silent auction is held during the roping. Concessions are offered by Miller’s. It is a family friendly event and free to come and watch!

Check out the Cowboy Relief Facebook page

Toby Vineyard is a well known and well respected cowboy who lives and works with his wife Amy and their two kids on their ranch near Arvada, WY. Toby and Amy are the founders and producers of the annual event Powder River Days in Sheridan, WY. Powder River Days is a very popular event with cowboys and horsemen from near and far!

Check out the Powder River Days website and their Facebook page  .

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Amy and Toby Vineyard

Toby has been in and out of multiple hospitals because of multiple health concerns, sickness, and seizures without being diagnosed. Toby is currently at the Mayo Clinic.

Please attend this event if you can. It is for a good cause and going to help some great people.

cowboy relief

Toby Vineyard

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