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Cowboys have their own slang and way of looking at things that can produce some pretty unique quotes, a small handful of which are even printable on a family website. When they’re not ridin’ the bad and ropin’ the wild, they’re often making the rest of us laugh – or at least pause for a minute and raise our eyebrows – with gems like these.

“I like to pack my lunch in my belly.”
-Bryan Neubert

Most jobs come with a standard lunch break somewhere around the noon o’clock hour. Cowboy jobs, not so much. I used to work for Ty Van Norman, who is notorious for never eating lunch. It’s hard to eat a full breakfast at 4:30 in the morning, and it seemed that no matter how much I ate, by ten o’clock I was hungry enough to wonder how my horn wrap would taste anyway. So, I gave up on getting full and gave in to my daily fasts.

It’s kinda fun, in a strange way, to reach the point of ravenous hunger, tell it to wait a minute (or a few hours) because you have work to do, and keep on going. Many religions encourage fasting for spiritual purposes, and it builds mental strength to deny your body nourishment for a while. Plus, when you do sit down to a huge steaming plate of slow-cooked beef in tomato sauce over rice and a cold glass of lemonade, it is literally the best thing you have ever eaten.

One of the best things about branding calves, besides constant roping and visiting friends, is that you get lunch!

One of the best things about branding calves, besides constant roping and visiting friends, is that you get lunch!

“You can’t put a price tag on fun. But my wife can.”
-Luke Beaumeister

This is also the (in)famous Luke to whom the judge in Elko County famously said “This is no longer a cow town, Mr. Beaumesiter.” Apparently, the judge was in cahoots with Luke’s wife (hi, Becky!) in trying to rein in his wild ways.

Besides partying in town, jackpot roping is a big pastime in the Great Basin. Buckaroos go to a roping and think about all the fun they had roping with everyone they know plus three new guys. Their wives sit in the stands eating nachos and wondering how the heck they’re going to buy groceries for the rest of the month if their husbands don’t make it back to the short go and rope tough on the third steer. Fun does cost money.

“I gotta warn ya, honey. You’re gonna hear a lot of stories about me, and not all of ’em are true.
-Jim Young

Jim told me this shortly after we were married and went to a ranch rodeo somewhere or other in northern Nevada. He could tell me this every time we’ve gone to a social event since, and it would still serve as a relevant warning. But, the funny thing is, he’s the one telling me half the stories. I do appreciate all his buddies who told me about the competition between Jim and Hezzi to see who could jump into their step-in chinks first in the morning, and about the time a fire truck was stolen in Denio. I won’t say who stole the truck, though, because I wasn’t there. Plus, I don’t know how long the statute of limitations is on that one. Like the old saying goes, “Better safe than taking your daughter to visit Daddy in the big house.”

The stories are one of my favorite things about the cowboy world, and I’m not super hung up on whether the events actually, factually happened. If you don’t take a few liberties retelling the greatest bronc ride of your life that no one witnessed, then you obviously aren’t trying hard enough. And if anybody counts jumps to the buck-off and calls you on it during a retelling, feel free to offer to let them buy the next round. If they’re going to kill the buzz, they might as well get it going again.

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