Continuous Motion Triangle Drill

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I learned this triangle barrel drill from a fellow barrel horse trainer and good friend, Cody Hyde, from Blackfoot, ID. As he introduced this drill his words have proven very true. This drill works for green horses all the way to finished horses.  For me, the power of this triangle barrel drill is it reinforces my horse’s footwork around a turn, and without boring them on an actual barrel pattern I can work three turns.

Set three barrels in an equilateral triangle, meaning all your barrels are equal distance apart from each other.

Start out trotting the regular barrel pattern and after turning third, curl around and make the third barrel the new first barrel. Repeat the pattern as necessary or until you end up back at your original starting place.  This drill is done in a continuous motion and can be done at many speeds.

Here is a video of what the drill looks like:

In this next video I’m going through the motions at a trot to show you how I like my horses’ footwork around a barrel.  In this video you’ll see that I stop my horse. I’m only doing this to show you where I like my horse to collect for the turn.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Posted in: Barrel Racing, Featured, Horse Training

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