Coming to Rodeos Near You: Ladys Got Talent

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Ladys Got Talent

Photo by James Phifer

I wrote a story about Miles City, Montana’s Haven Meged competing in the Junior Ironman, a youth division of the CINCH Timed Event Championship in Guthrie, Oklahoma, for Tri-State Livestock News. (Read it here.) As is common in rodeo, Haven used a different horse for each event, one of which was a horse borrowed from Copper Spring Ranch, Ladys Got Talent. After Haven saying nothing but good about this mare, I spoke with ranch manager Brian Anderson about “Snazzy” and what she will be up to this summer.

Tell me about your mare.

Ladys Got Talent is 8 and we didn’t start bulldogging on her until last July. She was on the racetrack, then I ranched on her. My horse was sore, so I bulldogged on her and she took to it very fast. She is by Prime Talent, one of our stallions at Copper Spring Ranch, a son of Corona Cartel. He was one of our first stallions there at the ranch. His offspring are just now starting to come on. They were slow starting and now have a bunch of winners.

What qualities does she have to make her an amazing mare?

Snazzy’s just really quiet, scores good, and runs really fast. She’s still pretty green but acts like an old horse. There have been very few horses I have taken to pro-rodeos this early in their careers. She went to Tucson before taking her to Guthrie. She was a natural and pretty much trained herself; it’s pretty unusual to make one that fast. She hadn’t had 40 steers run on her when Haven first rode her. He was instrumental in getting her going. I believe I told him then that if he wanted to get into the Junior Ironman that he could ride her. We both thought that was a far-fetched thing at that time.

Ladys Got TalentIt’s pretty neat that you’d haul her to Oklahoma for Haven.

It was an honor for him to get selected for that. I had helped him with his bulldogging quite a bit. I offered to go support him and let him ride her. It was a really neat deal; I enjoyed watching the kids as much as the regular timed event.

What are your plans for her?

I’m going to haul her pretty hard this summer to pro-rodeos. The unique thing with Prime Talent is that if you win the average at Montana Circuit Finals on Prime Talent, you get a  $25,000 cash bonus. At National Finals Rodeo, it’s  $100,000 bonus to win the average there. Those are both offered by Copper Spring Ranch as breeder’s incentive on all their stallions. There are a lot of guys that want to ride her and split that with me.

She’s used for bulldogging and team roping. I’ve roped on her a lot on the ranch and started her heading, but I needed a bulldogging horse so that’s what she got to do.

Tell me about the rest of your program?

We are raising and selling and training all-around performance horses. We like to think we can provide anyone a horse they need for any discipline. We’re also really committed to helping the youth, the next generation.

Snazzy is not for sale.

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