The Colt Cam: Roping the Feet Part 2

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I realize we are all busy, and don’t always have time to sit and watch hours of video, so I’ve tried to break these down into shorter sections where you can see the change happen.  Listen close as Zach talks through what he’s after.

You want to let the horse get used to wearing the rope, before you go trying to stop him with it — same as if you’d rope him around his belly (video of that coming soon too)… And you’ll hear him say below that the horse isn’t soft, but he’s going to try something else to make the pressure go away.


For the first time, after having all his feet roped, Rival finally decided hanging out with people wasn’t so bad after all. He’s not gentle and he has no use for us… yet. He’ll figure out that being with us is the best place he could be.

Questions? We have answers!

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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