Circle the Wagons: Dunkelberger Family

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Social Media platforms like Facebook has offered us the amazing ability to connect with one another. We can stay in touch with that old friend we cowboyed with in Nebraska, or let Grandma know how the kids are doing. We also can stay abreast of some tragedies and the healing of friends, as well as witnessing the cowboy community unite to help families in need. Within the last week, we discovered on Facebook that the daughter of an old friend got hurt in a horse accident.

DunkelbergerA few family members have organized a benefit for 15-year-old Danci Dunkelberger, the daughter of Cody and Dixie and sister to Colt. The Facebook event Benefit Auction for Danci Dunkelberger and Go Fund Me page state, “Danci Dunkelberger was involved in a horse related accident on June 18th where she received injuries that required extensive surgery to repair her mesentery.  Danci had to have 6 inches of her small intestine removed along with part of her right colon. She spent just over a week in the ICU and was transferred to a regular hospital room where as of today 7/1/2018 she is just starting to be introduced to food. She has been one tough cowgirl throughout and her spirits have been high, working on a full recovery. Dixie, Cody and Colt have all been amazingly strong through this process giving her continued support. Colt has stepped up to the plate helping out at home while Cody and Dixie have mostly both been by her side the whole time with an occasional switch of shifts to take care of Colt, get some rest and take care of things at home.”

A benefit will be July 21 at 7 p.m. at the Heartland 4-H Rodeo Grounds in Huron, South Dakota, and if you can’t attend in person and care to help, visit the Facebook site linked above to purchase shirts, donate items, or get in contact with a benefit organizer. To donate funds, please mail to the Dunkelbergers, 39332 Broadview St., Huron, SD 57350 or via the Go Fund Me account.



Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life, Rodeo, Uncategorized

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