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A person doesn’t need to meet the Peterson family to know just how wonderful, kind, Godly, and loved they are. The Petersons, from Paradise, Arizona, lost their 17-year-old son Quirt to a ranch accident about a month ago. Quirt was the oldest of four kids and was, quite clearly, a hand, and a kind kid. A few friends have created an online benefit for the family, and I implore you to comb through and bid on  the generously donated items before the auction closes on Oct. 31. Once more, the ranch community is reeling from their loss, though Ace and Kay very much know and are at peace with God’s plan as He called yet another great, young cowboy home.

Quirt Peterson

From Quirt’s parents after the loss of their son:

Thank you all for the messages and posts of Quirt. It is neat to read what he meant to you. God’s perfect plan is not understood by our human minds. The immediate prayers by so many helped us get through Wednesday’s events in an unexplainable way. Truly, how could we not be losing it, without God’s Peace in it. Those of you who know Jesus can understand this, but if you do not know Jesus as your Savior, we ask you to open your heart to learn about him. It was amazing how we could stay calm and take the news that he was not going to survive. It was truly the Peace that passes all understanding. Sure, we are missing him so much! But when you know God’s plan is perfect, you choose to see the positive things that will come. If you let Satan in, you will focus on the sad and negative side. God gave us 17 years with an amazing person, healthy, strong, funny! He also gave Quirt enough time here on this earth to learn about Him, give his life to Him and live for Him. Quirt had Jesus and he let Jesus’ light shine through him!

Jesus is a Savior for all. It would be so meaningful to us and to Quirt, if you took some time to learn about God, and began to have a relationship with Him. If you want to see Quirt again, give your life to Jesus. Quirt is in heaven waiting for us to join him.

Quirt Peterson

From an auction organizer:

The Peterson family has been ranching in the bootheel of New Mexico for over a hundred years. Quirt spent his first 15 years on the Hatchet Ranch and had recently moved with his dad and mom Ace and Kay and three younger siblings Whip, Dally, and Rowel to their ranch in Paradise, Arizona. Their family worked together everyday that they weren’t going to a roping or rodeo together. The family was very involved in their local church both at Hachita, NM and San Simon, AZ and we’re known for their generosity when anyone in the community had a need. A close friend said Quirt had a flip phone, was homeschooled his whole life, and lived on remote ranches but had an affect on so many. The first college rodeo and high school rodeo after his death the contestants wore denim shirts in honor of him. His grandparents and his parents have been very clear that their relationship with Jesus Christ is what has sustained them through this. Quirt was 17 years old and died while working on the ranch.

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