Christmas on the Ranch

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I love decorating for Christmas. And every year, folks the world over (mostly via my instagram account), ask to see photos of our tree.  This year, I was kind of lazy, and basically only decorated the Great Room, and even then I didn’t do as much because, construction is still going on in this barn house we call home.

The fireplace isn’t in, and there’s still some places that need some trim done but we are getting there.

I don’t know about you, but it never feels quite like Christmas unless there’s snow on the ground, and we’ve had plenty of that this year, to be sure.  And according to the weathermen, there’s more on the way! Personally I think we have plenty of snow! I haven’t even been on a horse in two weeks because it’s been too dang cold!

Christmas on the ranch


Maybe I’m just getting lazy in my “old” age, but riding in the snow doesn’t seem to pack quite the same appeal that it once did!



Do you feel like it needs to be snowy to feel like Christmas? I know in many places in these United States, they never have a white Christmas?



Are you hoping for horse-related gifts this winter? I know, I am!


Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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