Christmas Caramel Candy Crunch

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Caramel Candy Crunch

Since the Holiday season is upon us I have decided to divulge my favorite Christmas recipe. Those of you who are reading this should feel honored as I don’t normally disclose my world famous recipes! Just kidding, I didn’t create this recipe myself, but I like to pretend that it is my masterpiece! I make this at Christmas time every year and it’s always an award winning favorite (well, if I ever entered it in a contest, I am sure it would be a winner!).

Caramel Candy Crunch

Mix together in oven proof bowl: 1 cup mixed nuts without peanuts, 2 cups dry roasted peanuts, 4-5 cups of small twisted pretzels and 8-10 cups of Crispex.

In LARGE saucepan mix: 2 cups brown sugar, 1 cup butter, 1 1/2 cups light corn syrup. (A large saucepan is a must, as this will boil up and result in a catastrophe in your kitchen, take my word for it!)

Boil all ingredients together for 3 minutes (set your timer), stirring constantly. Then add 1/2 tsp of soda.

Add hot mixture to the nut/cereal mixture. Bake at 250 for 15 minutes stirring well and bake for a total of an hour, stirring every 15 minutes.

Spread on table to cool and make sure you break it apart while cooling or you will have a big pile of hard candy. Store in airtight container in the freezer.

Then listen to all of your Holiday guests sing your praises while you enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

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