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I’ve witnessed a wonderful occurrence across Facebook and the internet as schools began closing their doors: online school resources for children. Coloring pages, learning apps that usually cost, virtual zoo and park tours and lives all became available to entertain and teach our children.

I’ve been doing the suggested school work with my children, but my son Brindle has been working heavily on his Ranching 101 class. Those chilly mornings saw him out breaking ice, he’s putting in a new waterline today, and we moved heifers back to a pasture Saturday, after fixing the water gap, of course.

school resources

These are all things he likes to do and to help with, but normally the opportunities to do them are hindered, of course, by school, so we’re allowing him the chance to get some learning in outside, while also striving to finish our required learning inside.

The ranching resources that have become available have expanded our ranching knowledge even more, and I’ve sprinkled some fun “ranch homework” in with the have-to homework. I will say, his teachers have done a fantastic job of giving him just enough interesting work to continue our learning and progress without overloading Brindle or me, as his stand-in teacher. I’m mighty impressed with some of the ripples of effect that have come from COVID-19.

So, I’d like to share with you a few farming and ranching school resources that you can do with your kiddos to make schoolwork more interesting when they have some learning to do but really just want to be outside!

The first comes from our very own talented cartoonist Jan Swan Wood! I’ve included her spectacular coloring pages for you to print, but if they don’t download well, go to her Facebook page!

School Resources
School Resources

Ranch House Design has shared some really fun design-your-own ear tag sheets and other agricultural school resources!

Join the South Dakota Beef Industry Council’s coloring contest!

Download and print the image, and submit the colored image using the link! Upload the photo into the form for your chance to win an Easter basket full of “beef” fun! Age groups include 3&4, 5&6, and 7&8 years old. The drawing will end April 2nd at 7:00 A.M.

School Resources
No matter what is happening in the world, spring break for our ranch kids is full of calving, lambing, feeding and a plethora of other tasks!

School ResourcesUse the link below to submit a photo of your ranch kid on spring break!

We’ll be sharing our favorites online as well as use some in upcoming print editions of Tri-State Livestock News!

AQHA has shared their activity book for horse-loving kids! Find it here!

School Resources

287 Ranch Supply is also doing a coloring contest with this really neat coloring page by June Evers. Find their contest here!

School Resources

One last thing, and let us know if you know of a ranch version! Tour dairy farms here and here!

What agricultural resources have you found? Share with us in the comments!


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