Cell Phone Safety Tip

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Most of us carry a cell phone these days. I know a few holdouts who do not, either because they don’t like having one or they live somewhere where having one is pointless. But, for those of us who usually carry our phones with us, I am going to give you a point to ponder.

On sale sites I see neat little cases for cell phones that attach somewhere to your saddle. Whether it’s a little case that is secured to the horn or that is laced onto the saddle, they look pretty handy. But, are they?

Cell phones, now that they are so large, are awkward to carry on your person. If you have a case that hangs on your belt you’re liable to hook it on something. Most shirt pockets are too small to close with the phone inside. So, it’s a real dilemma.

That said, I am an advocate for having that phone on your person, either in a case, a pocket or something. If you are out riding and working horseback, things can go wrong. You rope something to doctor and get in a wreck and suddenly you and your horse have gone seperate directions, or, a quail flies up under your young horse’s head and he blows up and bucks you off, miles from home or the trailer. Suddenly, that cell phone in it’s neat little case is disappearing over the far ridge at a high lope and you may be laying in a rock pile badly injured. That’s not a good scenario.

If I’m out working I always have that cell phone on me; not on my horse, not in the pickup, not in the tractor, but on my body. Yes, it can be unhandy, but, so can getting hurt or having a medical emergency and being unable to call or text for help.

An easy shirt pocket remedy, like the one pictured, is what I use. It keeps that cell phone close to hand and securely in place. I’ve ridden and done all ranch work with it in my pocket like shown and have never lost my phone. The band can even stay on the shirt going through the wash. A package of a dozen or more of the hairbands is cheap so they can be replaced if they get stretched out in time.

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I have heard of people getting badly hurt and laying out in the pasture for a long time hoping someone would notice they were missing and come looking. If their phone is securely on their person, they can at least have the hope of having a signal and being able to call or send a text for help. Having to wait for your horse to be found and backtracked to you might be a little late.

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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