Horse Photo Contest: “Between the Ears”

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We have the privilege of seeing what we think is some of the most beautiful country in the world between our horses’ ears.


This is where I find myself- in the saddle, working with my hands; partnered with a great horse beneath me.

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For this photo contest, we want to see what the view looks like between YOUR horse’s ears. Just use the hashtag #cavvysavvylifestyle on Instagram or Twitter and your photos will be automatically entered in our contest at They will show up on this page (see below). Entries will be accepted through Sept. 30, then voting begins.

So just snap a photo of your favorite view between your horse’s ears, post it to Instagram or Twitter and add #cavvysavvylifestyle. Then, starting Oct. 1, send all your friends and family to to vote.

The winner will receive a Cavvy Savvy/Tri-State Livestock News prize package.


Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life, Uncategorized

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