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Cowboy Quotes

May 11, 2015
Jolyn Young

Cowboys have their own slang and way of looking at things that can produce some pretty unique quotes, a small handful of which are even printable on a family website. When they’re not ridin’ the bad and ropin’ the wild, they’re often making the rest of us laugh – or at least pause for a […]

Dads, Sons, Men

May 7, 2015
Wendel Elliott

When it comes to being a dad and raising sons, we can sometimes feel like we aren’t hitting the mark. Every Dad can help their son become a man by instilling these character traits into their sons lives. However, keep in mind your example as well. Are you striving to live this kind of life […]

Acheiving Collection: A series, Part 3

May 4, 2015
Jenn Zeller

There are four ways to move your horse’s hips that I’ve learned from riding with Buck. The purpose of freeing your horse’s hips up are endless really, because once you’ve got them balanced through their faces, this is the continuation of teaching a horse to carry himself collected. You’ll want those hips freed up to […]

Horse Pasture Management Blog 2

May 3, 2015
Leigh Kelley

Picture taken April 2015   If you live and own livestock or grazing animals in the Northwest than you will probably be able to relate to the desire for a slightly longer growing season. Imagine residual grass as your large scale range greenhouse for proper horse pasture management. Let that sink in for a moment. […]

Cowboy Hats And English Tack

May 1, 2015
Jolyn Young

Training horses in English tack, roping, working out as a Beachbody coach and keeping up with her three-year-old daughter keep ranch wife Taren Hays plenty busy, but that’s the way she likes it. Recently, she hit “pause” on her fast-forward life at the White Horse Ranch in Eastern Oregon long enough for an interview. JY: […]

AQHA Stallion Fabulous Golden Jet

April 29, 2015
Lynn Kohr

I am climbing out of my truck to unload Frenchmans Melody, with hopes of her being in foal to AQHA Stallion Fabulous Golden Jet. A beautiful buckskin stud who I have had the pleasure of riding and working a bit on barrels. He has also been team roped on, picked up bucking horses, ranched on, […]

Look to TSLN for Your Next Stallion

April 28, 2015
Jessie Salter

Spring is here! Are you thinking of a special stallion to breed to your favorite mare? It can be overwhelming, but with help from our sister company, Tri-State Livestock News, we have some great options for you to choose from. The Tri-State Livestock News is a premiere agriculture print publication. It’s true when they say […]

Old Methods Are New At Horsemanship Seminar; Part 1

April 25, 2015
Jan Swan Wood

A seminar called “Ancient Wisdom Meets Common Sense Horsemanship” was held in Billings, Montana in June 2014 and brought people together with an interest in learning about how to do a better job of addressing health, nutrition and physical problems in themselves and their horses. The instigator of the event was Bill Hackett and Company, […]

The Great Escape

April 22, 2015
Jenn Zeller

It was a lovely, unseasonably warm, early April Saturday night.  There was extra family in from town, and plans were made to go to dinner at our local steakhouse, about 13 miles away, because what do ranchers eat when they’re not eating their own steak? Steak.  I’d spent the day doing various chores, doctoring a […]

How To Roll Your Bed

April 20, 2015
Jolyn Young

If your boss tells you to “roll your bed” in the middle of the workday, it’s not a good thing. It means you got fired. There is nothing left to do but pack up your bed roll and personal belongings, then stop at the ranch office on your way out to pick up your last […]

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