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Book Release: Brim and the Big Cat Blunder

September 29, 2020
Savanna Simmons

New release children’s chapter book Brim and the Big Cat Blunder by author Savanna Simmons is a thrilling tale about the turmoil and internal strife of a 10-year-old boy. For all intents and purposes, Brim’s life is great on the ranch, but he fights the desire to be older than his years. The books winds its […]

Saddle Pad Relief

September 3, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

I like horses with a good set of withers. Because of that, I have taken a knife to some saddle pads to accommodate those high withers and keep pressure from the top of them, but that sure is hard to do with what saddle pads cost these days. Plus, it compromises the good qualities of […]

Tall Horse Challenge

August 30, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

I was day working for some folks in the fall twenty plus years ago. It was a family ranch with the patriarch of the clan there as well. We were preparing to gather a big pasture to ship the cows home as I recall. I had brought a horse of my Dad’s, as my string […]

Circle the Wagons: The Happy Toy Maker’s Thayne Slater

August 28, 2020
Savanna Simmons

My friend Jerry Sims posted a call for support for his hired man, Thayne Slater. Please consider purchasing a raffle ticket for any amount you care to from $1 on up. Jerry is wonderful support to many causes and organizations, and this one’s mighty important and a great way to thank him. Here are a […]

Fence Jumpin’ Heifer

August 17, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

My summer herd cattle had kept me buried all summer with chronic pink eyes and footrots. I was plenty busy with them, plus checking on my folks’ cattle that were nearby. My folks had a barren Charolais cross heifer that Dad had bought who was a traveling thing. I had had to go find her […]

Tight Squeeze

July 29, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

Some of the outfits I day worked for over the years had big Longhorn “lead” steers that they ran with their cows and yearlings. They were all, as far as I know, former roping steers, therefore had attitude running out their ears. That attitude usually being to work against you in any circumstance in which […]

Rethinking Horsemanship: A Mother’s Journey

July 20, 2020
Jolyn Young

Before I had kids, I evaluated my daily productivity by how many tasks I fully completed each day. I only felt satisfied if I loped a bunch of circles, improved my second barrel, got my horse more rounded behind the bit, or checked another similar item off my list of personal equine goals. I spent […]

Racehorse to Ranch Horse: Part 3; First Outside Ride

July 17, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

I gave my newly acquired California racehorse a week or so to get adjusted to her new climate and location. She never got so much as a sniffle from being moved to such extreme weather, and adapted to her new home quickly. She was interested in everything that went on around her and had gotten […]

Cell Phone Safety Tip

July 7, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

Most of us carry a cell phone these days. I know a few holdouts who do not, either because they don’t like having one or they live somewhere where having one is pointless. But, for those of us who usually carry our phones with us, I am going to give you a point to ponder. […]

Little Lessons

June 29, 2020
Jolyn Young

When we first transitioned from living on big outfits to buying our little place a few miles from a small town, I worried a bit about the kids. Sure, expanding their opportunities was a huge factor in our decision to make the leap; we wanted them to be able to attend public school, play t-ball, […]