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Behind the Scenes of a Wagon Camp

June 23, 2020
Jolyn Young

Have you ever wondered what it was like to camp out on the wagon with the cowboy crew? Well, here’s how you can replicate the experience at home: Throw out all your food except canned goods and beef. You can keep a few other pantry staples, such as flour and sugar, but say good-bye to […]

Rodeo Season

June 19, 2020
Jolyn Young

So far, the rodeo scene for 2020 has been pretty quiet. Due to bans on large events prompted by the spread of the new coronavirus, both pro and ranch rodeos were canceled across the nation for most of the spring run. But, restrictions on large public gatherings are now lifting and rodeos are resuming for the […]

DIY Fly Sheet Repair

June 17, 2020
Lynn Kohr

It is already hot and dry here in Gillette, Wyoming. Warm summer temperatures and rain (even a little) means fly season. Our horses are kicking and running from the few flies that are out. We decided it was time to pull out the fly sheets and try to give these horses a little relief. I’m sure […]

A Covid-Free Branding

May 22, 2020
Jolyn Young

My cowboy husband, Jim, has been busy branding calves at various ranches this spring while I have been holding down the home place with our three small kids. He day works to pay our bills, and the idea was for me to stay home and shuttle our first grader back and forth to elementary school. […]


May 17, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

The dust and grime on my saddle finally got to me bad enough that I spent some time getting it cleaned up and put back in good condition a week or so ago. I had to strip all of the extra gear off of it before I could start, which included a rope, breast collar […]

How To Ride With Kids

May 13, 2020
Jolyn Young

I agonized over how to ride my horse when my first baby was born. Finding the time to catch, saddle, and ride a horse with a baby (or toddler) in tow proved to be one of the most difficult aspects of ranch motherhood for me. I loved to ride and wanted to continue that aspect […]

The Dun and the Grey

May 11, 2020
Mykal Kirkpatrick

Who could have ever predicted that we would see the impacts of COVID-19 in our lifetime?  It has affected our social lives, financial security, food securities, educational systems, and our family life.  For my family and many other ranching families, we choose to try to find the blessings from within.  In particular, both of our kids are home from […]

Bravery Has It’s Limits

May 7, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

It was late summer when I got a call from a guy asking me if I could go get a bull out of his cows and haul him to his place. The bull had a bad eye and he needed to doctor him, plus it was time to get him out of the cows. I […]

Historical Entrepreneurs

May 3, 2020
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

Hard times on Wyoming’s ‘baldheaded prairies’ in the Nineteen-teens and –twenties spawned entrepreneurs. Women kept chickens and sold eggs; or kept cows and sold milk, cream and butter, maybe even cheese. Where there was timber, ambitious men often cut posts to sell to homesteaders who had fences to build. Some ambitious men found a sense […]

A Calf Called Lazarus

April 30, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

The calf was up and had nursed when I made the evening gather of the springers. He was a giant! He was a Charolais cross and looked to weight in the 120 pound range or more. His mama was one of those short, stout Angus cows that raise a big calf every year, one of […]