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Fox and The Scary Mineral Feeders

December 4, 2015
Jan Swan Wood

I was riding on a big yearling deal years ago and in one of the pastures the owner had put out those mineral feeders that have the top that protects the tub’s contents and turns in the wind. One horse in my string was not the sharpest individual, plus he didn’t see very well, so […]

Harry and Snowman

December 2, 2015
Jenn Zeller

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m beyond excited about this story.  Horses simply make our world a better place, and when you have a bond with one like Harry did with his Snowman, it’s hard to beat that match-up. Harry & Snowman movie trailer from Docutainment Films on Vimeo. Who doesn’t […]

Conformation First, Then Pedigree and Color

November 30, 2015
Jan Swan Wood

The following is one of those “just my opinion” pieces, so don’t get your tail in a crack over it if it hits a little close to the target. With that said, here goes. I follow many sites on the internet, both on Facebook and other sources. Most of those sites have something to do […]

Of {Good} Breeding

November 25, 2015
Richelle Barrett

I think anyone that has ever owned a horse has been there; that moment that some “horse person” (as my dad likes to call them) has to ask how your horse is bred. Not that there is anything wrong with it; indeed good bloodlines do make a difference when picking out the right horse. Even […]

Golden Window

November 3, 2015
Rachel Larsen

We’re making up the sun in these last precious days of beautiful weather, the golden window, before Fall transitions into Winter. Around our outfit, this involves tackling projects that were set aside during the busy summer months. Projects like colt starting. Riding a young, inexperienced horse while chasing wily yearling cattle through the timber is […]

A Quiet Mouth

October 26, 2015
Jenn Zeller

We’ve all been on a horse that fidgets with their feet and can’t be still. Or they have a mouth that won’t stop fussing when we are on them. It has been my experience that a horse with the fidgety mouth often isn’t getting the message we are sending through the bit.  He may have […]

Western Wednesday

October 21, 2015
Jenn Zeller

Cowboys in black and white can never be bad, right? This is my other half handling a four year old palomino filly we raised. He’s the most patient person I know and that, to me anyway, is the sign of a good horseman. Happy trails!

Balancing Your Ride

October 15, 2015
Jenn Zeller

I know that I have talked a lot about being precise, and consistent, making a plan. But it occurs to me every time I head to the warm up pen at a barrel race, that most folks tend to go left a lot more than right. It got me thinking: Why is this? Is it […]

What Is Your Horse’s Game Face?

September 12, 2015
Lynn Kohr

My goal as I ride my young horses is to get to know them. To really learn each and every nuance of them! My favorite chapter in Seabiscuit, the amazing story of a superstar race horse, is, “Learn Your Horse”.  Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit, captured the essence of learning your horse: knowing what, how […]

How To Improve Your Horsemanship Without Riding A Horse

September 9, 2015
Jolyn Young

The best way to keep a brand-new custom made saddle looking brand-new is to break your back (hi, Rolly Lisle!) or get pregnant (um, that’d be me) immediately after picking it up from the saddle shop. I was born on a ranch and have rode horses for a living and worked on ranches as an […]

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