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Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrahage. Aka Bleeders.

August 11, 2015
Lynn Kohr

Bleeders…What does that mean? Bleeders are horses, during high cardiovascular workouts, such as: horse racing, barrel racing, and pole bending, that can have blood appearing out one or both nostrils.  Or even just that the horse is coughing and very uncomfortable post performance. More professionally, a bleeder is known as Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage. Horses […]

End of Ride Preparation

August 6, 2015
Jenn Zeller

I’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks throughout the years, and one of the handiest is how to put my tack away, such that it is ready and efficient for the next horse. Showing up late to rodeos with  moments to spare, as well as throwing a saddle on a lot of colts will […]

Let’s Beat The Heat When Hauling Horses

August 3, 2015
Lynn Kohr

Take off the Plexiglas, open up the vents, leave the windows down…let the air flow through! Hauling horses in the summer has its challenges, especially in the middle of a hot summer day! Any horse covering keeps their body heat in, even mesh flysheets. For those hot, daytime hauls in the summer, fold up the […]

Raise Your Eyes Up. Your Horse Will Follow.

July 29, 2015
Lynn Kohr

When picking your way down a steep, loose rocked, switch-backed and narrow trail, it is oh so tempting to look down. It is hard to look forward to the next step.   Galloping up to an imposing, high jump, it is so very easy to look at the rail, and unnatural to look up and […]

Easing The Bite Of The Curb Chain

July 27, 2015
Jan Swan Wood

Keeping bridles put together for varying horses and their level of training can be a challenge. Having a well equipped tack room is great, but not everyone has everything they need just exactly when they need it. Over the years, I have occasionally found myself with more curb chains than curb straps for my bridles. […]

Working out of the Rodear

July 25, 2015
Jenn Zeller

Summer is in full swing here on the ranch, and that means lots of riding time, colts to start (which means less blogging and sharing stuff with y’all), ranch interns who are here to work and learn, calf brandings galore, and plenty of extra folks around hanging out. Life couldn’t be better. Among the many […]

How to Wrap Equine Polo Wraps

July 21, 2015
Lynn Kohr

To wrap or not to wrap… What’s the RAP? With many choices in horses’ leg protection for the performance equine athletes, competitors are faced with the questions of which ones to use and when? No matter the brand name or the product, all take a bit of education to get leg boots tight and adjusted […]

The Elusive Lead Change

July 20, 2015
Jenn Zeller

It’s really not elusive. Horses have been doing them without us on their backs since they were about three days old and figured out they have legs that can take them really fast. But for the human, it can be a difficult thing to grasp. There are elements to a lead change that one must […]

Stallions Are All Business; Part 2

July 11, 2015
Jan Swan Wood

Many stallions are capable saddle horses, dependable partners, are gentle and like people, but can react to other horses and get someone hurt. A stallion views other horses as either a threat to his territory or a conquest. An aggressive response toward either or by another horse can catch a person in the middle of […]

Hobble Training

July 6, 2015
Jenn Zeller

Having a horse that will hobble is one of the handiest things a person could need; especially if you’re in the ranching business. But hobbling isn’t only helpful for keeping your horse close when you’re out of places to tie him up. It teaches him countless other things. It teaches him how to yield to […]

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