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A Difference of Opinion

December 1, 2015
Rachel Larsen

I spent five idyllic summers as a young adult, as a polo groom. My responsibilities included keeping the horses fit and the tack clean and tidy. On match days, every horses’ tail is tied up, just so. Every buckle fastened neatly, not loose ends, every keeper and billet utilized. While I cared for my beloved […]

How To Fix A Bucket

November 2, 2015
Lynn Kohr

In the Fall, my horses start scratching their bottoms. Why do my recently dewormed horses find my best and newest bucket to scratch their bottoms on, breaking the metal clasps that hold the bucket handle on???? In a fit of frustration, I turned to a zip tie. Not twine, as I have already tried that. […]

Gotta Get Down? Get A Get-Down Rope.

August 27, 2015
Jolyn Young

Cowboys all over cowboy country use bridles on their horses, and out here in the Great Basin we add a get-down rope onto a bridle outfit as well. A buckaroo never leads his horse by his bridle reins, as that can bump the bit against the roof of his horse’s mouth, causing pain and damage. […]

Let’s Beat The Heat When Hauling Horses

August 3, 2015
Lynn Kohr

Take off the Plexiglas, open up the vents, leave the windows down…let the air flow through! Hauling horses in the summer has its challenges, especially in the middle of a hot summer day! Any horse covering keeps their body heat in, even mesh flysheets. For those hot, daytime hauls in the summer, fold up the […]

Easing The Bite Of The Curb Chain

July 27, 2015
Jan Swan Wood

Keeping bridles put together for varying horses and their level of training can be a challenge. Having a well equipped tack room is great, but not everyone has everything they need just exactly when they need it. Over the years, I have occasionally found myself with more curb chains than curb straps for my bridles. […]

How To Tie A Rope Halter…Correctly

June 23, 2015
Lynn Kohr

How To Tie A Rope Halter…Correctly. When I see a rope halter tied incorrectly,(the tie is above the loop) I learn something about the person behind the tie. He might be a dude.  When tied above the halter loop, a horse can pull out of the halter pretty easily and quickly.  If you have ever […]

Saddle Pads

May 22, 2015
Lynn Kohr

Saddle pads, are a great cushion between our horse and our saddle. There are so many choices and where exactly should they be positioned on our horses’ backs? Even with all of the choices available I find myself using wool pads and using ones that have a contour built into them (much like the shape […]

Hat Training

May 12, 2015
Rachel Larsen

I’m blessed with an abundance of hair, rapidly going gray, but that is a story for another time. All this hair makes wearing a cowboy hat a constant struggle for me. The hair and the fact I feel like I am in costume while wearing a hat, mean I seldom wear one. If I am […]

Quick, Easy Wrap to Tie Horses

March 27, 2015
Lynn Kohr

I use this quick, easy wrap to tie horses often in a day for safe, and fast tie ups. I probably have all three of these situations at least once in a day that I use this simple tie up knot for:   1. Pull back horses 2. On the run gotta grab something tie-ups […]

Curb Strap Adjustments

March 20, 2015
Lynn Kohr

Curb straps, chin straps… What is their purpose and how in the world should they be adjusted? Previously on Cavvy Savvy there was a blog post on how to properly attach a curb strap. Today, I’ll quickly explain how I like them to be adjusted once they are on properly. Honestly mine are loose, probably […]