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Stallion Prospect or Gelding

January 19, 2024
Jan Swan Wood

With foaling season in full swing and the time is approaching, once again, to decide whether a colt is a stallion prospect or not. Some don’t worry about that and just sell the stud colts as weanlings or yearlings and leave the decision to the next owner. But, is that wise? Do those non-stallion quality […]

Pain or “Problem Horse”?

June 7, 2023
Kaycee Monnens Cortner

At the risk of being labeled as a hypochondriac, many horse owners (including myself) may push off any doubts or nagging feelings if something is not exactly right with our horses. However, as this story illustrates, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry, as our instincts are often correct. My husband recently […]

Windswept Leroy

May 14, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

Recently, someone posted some photos on a social media site that showed a “windswept” foal. The legs were bent out at the knees and hocks, and the foals right front foot was out so far that the foal was practically standing on it’s pastern instead of the hoof. It’s a serious situation and stall rest […]

Earning What You Value Most

May 10, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

My son was a senior in high school that spring. It was a practice high school rodeo and we were there early to get a good spot to park with room for his horses. We had unloaded and had the horses tied to the trailer, hay nets hanging by them so they could pick at […]

Tip for Wrapping a Foot Wound

April 25, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

If you’ve had horses for more than a week, you know how accident prone they are. So, having a little tip to make bandaging a difficult area easier might be welcome at some point. A very good vet showed me this simple way of doing it and I’ve used it many times. When a horse […]

Taking Care of Yeller

March 14, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

One fall and winter I was processing cattle at a feedlot until spring when my summer cattle would arrive. The processing crew and cowboy crew all ate together in the cowboy shack, a room built in the corner of the horse barn, therefore I saw the goings on there. One guy who was riding pens […]

Disposition Counts

February 9, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

It was over 40 years ago and the big Civic Center was a brand new deal. I had been hired to take care of a stallion on the stallion row. That included feeding and watering him, cleaning the stall, exercising him and visiting with folks there to see the studs and book breedings. At that […]

The Element of Surprise

September 24, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

Having owned and doctored lots of horses over the years, I’ve developed a pretty fair file of practical vet experiences. A lady I knew some years ago had good horses, knew how to ride them well, and she made a good living starting young horses and riding for a feedlot. Due to lots of irons […]

Wound Care and Fly Sheets

July 28, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

Fly sheets are sure handy when used around the barns and corrals. I found them especially handy when doctoring a body wound on a horse during fly season. Several years ago a stud had gotten to a gelding at my place and had put some horrendous wounds on the upper curve of his hind quarters. […]

Tubing Horses Was Not for the Faint of Heart

June 23, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

Old Tony was a fine gentleman I worked with on a ranch in New Mexico in the early 1980s. I don’t know how old he was, but the ranch owner said he hadn’t changed since he was a boy and Al was a Korean veteran. Tony was a man of pure Spanish blood. His family […]

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